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We are the largest exporter of Japanese midsize 2wd / 4wd motorhomes vans campers. We are the only exporter that can arrange import approval and compliance for Australian customers. Camping is the safest way to vacation during Covid


The beautiful body that takes air resistance into consideration is Vantec's original roof design.

The most compact body of less than 5m in the ZiL series is characterized by good maneuverability and ease of driving.
The low center of gravity reduces the effects of crosswinds, increasing stability when going straight.
A rear-view mirror in the far rear and a rear-view camera and monitor in the immediate vicinity ensure visibility around the vehicle.

Unique roof design that enables low wind resistance for great stability and fuel economy

The front bank is eliminated and the airflow from the windshield is smoothed.
Furthermore, the effect of crosswinds is reduced by lowering the vehicle height. Straight-line stability on highways greatly improved.
In addition, the lower vehicle height has reduced the risk of body scratches caused by getting caught in tree branches.

Convenient equipment with design.


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Mainly responsible for cooling and dehumidification. Since fine control is possible, it is possible to keep the room comfortable at any time.
Since it can be driven by a battery, there is no need to start the engine, so you will not be bothered by noise or vibration.
Since the exhausted battery recovers while moving with a powerful running charge,
it is possible to maintain a comfortable indoor environment without worrying about the battery power sensitively.


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