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We are the largest exporter of Japanese midsize 2wd/4wd motorhomes we export worldwide

CHAMP                                                  ZILL                                                  LEO                                                   CHORDE


We are the only exporter open during COVID 19 now and are currently sending units worldwide 

We are now shipping directly to the USA  and Canada economical diesel and Gasoline motorhomes email us for information

We have a motorhome in your budget and can deliver worldwide including the USA.

We have in stock every model and make. 

2wd or 4wd Toyota Isuzu and Mitsubishi from Vans to midsize economical motorhomes.


Australia  2 8 0 0 5 7 7 3 0

New Zealand customers call  0 9 9 8 9 8 8 9 5


Email us at